20′ x 30′ High Peak Frame Tent


A favorite tent for special events, fairs, trade shows, and food service use. With its ease of setup and light weight frame, is a simple economical choice to help fulfill the specific needs of your event. The tent is constructed of aluminum poles whose legs are staked into the ground. The canopy is durable white vinyl, providing protection from the elements. Twin center poles support the canopy from tension wires on the frame, leaving the entire area under the floor wide open, with a graceful dual peak. All of our tension tents are modular and can be joined together in many different configurations for when flexibility is key.

The 20′ x 30′ is one of the smaller sized tents coming in at 500ft². It is ideal for an oyster fry, extra square footage off  of a building, or joined to another 20′ x 30′ to create a custom structure for your event.