Anchor Century-Mate Pole Tent, 40′ Wide


Pole tents are the most popular style tent that our customers rent. They are more economical to rent than a frame tent. The center poles give the tent an elegant, swooping look from one peak to the next peak, and with the addition of lighting options can really put your tent look over-the-top! The canopy consists of white opaque tent vinyl.Except for the aluminum center poles and side poles, which can both be covered or substituted for wood, there is no other metal involved in this style tent.

We can also add solid white sides or cathedral windowed side curtains to give our tents that final touch of elegance as well as superior weather protection. When using sidewalls, a pole tent requires the walls to be clipped onto a cable that runs around the inside perimeter of the tent. The walls can be folded back in order to leave openings throughout the tent, but the walls are either installed on the tent or left off the tent and kept on-site to be installed by the customer during the event if they are needed.

Our pole tents can be setup on grass or pavement and we will repair blacktop holes with patch to leave the surface looking good as new. High peak tents require center poles and stakes to secure them. Heavy duty ratchet straps and galvanized aluminum side poles provide strength and durability as well as superior wind and rain protection. Our roomy 8′ sides provide more space and a more impressive appearance than traditional 7′ sides used by most tent companies. The spacing between poles is 10′. Our larger pole tents can be expanded to almost any length to accommodate large parties and events!