Aurora Sailcloth Tent 59′ Wide

59′ x 39′

59′ x 59′

59′ x 79′

59′ x 99′


The Aurora sailcloth tent is a sheer top tension tent that positively glows. The sheer top allows for more light to enter in during the day, and positively glow during the evenings. The 59′ tent consists of double rustic  wooden center poles with accompanying wooden side poles. Aurora marries the essence of the sailcloth tent’s elegant appeal with renowned quality and engineering expertise. Leg spacing is 10’ with stakes and straps extending 7′ from the side poles. The rounded ends of the tent create a much more graceful feel as opposed to the sharp edges of a rectangular tent.

Aurora is more than a fair weather tent thanks to the ability to seal tent walls to the tent top. Our tents can include revolutionary WeatherShield™ wall to eave sealing technology. The sidewalls  are clear to keep that open airy feeling, while eliminating the gaps that let in wind and rain without the need for a valence or any other visual disturbance to the characteristic clean, sharp catenary eave line. The nautical touches of the tent are complete with white flags to further compliment the crisp clean look of the tent.

Aurora sailcloths start at a base size of 59’x39′. The tent is able to be increased in size in increments of 20′ to be able to meet the needs of your event, no matter the size.