This small business along the 221 corridor is a gem! The inventory of merchandise is impressive, but if they don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are they can order it for you. Recently, I needed a new gasket for my 20+ year old pressure cooker, and they got it for me. When we needed a new mailbox, their prices were better than the same thing on the Internet and no shipping and handling. But the BEST thing about this store is the staff. They will offer assistance if it looks like you need it, but you can also wander about the store on your own if you are the more independent type. Prices seem to be about on par with the big box stores for most goods, so go to True Value and get the service that should be a model for all businesses.

Kate L. - Yelp

There is nothing better than the “neighborhood hardware store” where one can buy everything from paint to petunias…and best of all, where one can rent a hard to find tool. I love this hardware store! I have never gone in there looking for something and they did not have it…not to say they have absolutely everything but I hear they are expanding so maybe they will.

Want a key rock? They have it
Want to rent a tent for a wedding? They have it
Want a yard flag? They have one
Want an umbrella stand? They have one
A grill? Yep…got loads of em
A tree? What kind do you want?
Paint? Just about every color
Lawnmower? Riding and push
Seeds? Flowers and veggies
Fireplace? Corner and wall, large and small
Need something rescreened? They will do it

Not only will you find what you want but the staff is great and soooo helpful. Drop in and say “hey” to the nice folks there. Keep the small merchant in business.

Kathleen L. - Yelp

Best hardware/rent center in the area. Owner and employees are friendly helpful, courteous and very knowledgable. If they don’t have it then they will get it for you, AND show you how to use it or put it together for you.

Ken S. - Yelp