Customer Service at True Value is comparable to none…they could give lessons in customer service. Go there whenever I can…the new Ask Rental has given us great items and exceptional service too…thrilled to have more choices.

Laurie Gulluscio - Google+

Customer service is great. Some of the items are a bit pricier than other places. But for major Stihl parts they are the place to go. Also surprisingly for vacuum cleaner belts, had a year old vacuum that couldn’t find a new belt for. They had it, granted it was dusty from sitting hanging on the hook but I didn’t have to order it offline and wait weeks or possibly buy a new vacuum.

Joseph Coley - Google+

We’ve used their rental service numerous times and we’ve never had an issue. Extremely flexible and always helpful, the customer service is second to none – no one is in a rush to get away from you, I guess that’s the difference in a family run business. The range in selection is impressive with great prices too. Looking forward to going back there again!

Terry Flavin - Google+

Extremely helpful service and the repair shop is great. They always seem to have the exact thing I am looking for and usually cheaper than a big box store.

Paul Carpenter - Google+